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Our main concern is the building up of extreme accuracy in your factory hunting rifle. We also provide information on the expertise of the top custom rifle makers and the extreme accuracy of the rifles they build. We're here to help develop your weapon, scope, bullet, and you; the shooter, into the long range hunter with all the components working together.

Imagine the average hunter that books a five-day Elk or Mule Deer hunt costing thousands of dollars. He spends time in the gym, getting into shape. He drives to the shooting range to sight-in, does alot of practice. Shoots very well out to 400 yards. This is good.

He is now on the long awaited hunt. Long hikes, glassing and spotting animals, hunting hard, and enjoying every minute. Sometimes, (more often than not) you hunt hard until the last day. That trophy Elk or Mule Deer is now standing there. Only one thing stands between you and getting that animal anchored on the ground... The Distance. He's standing out at 700 yards and no timely way to close the distance.

This is when a hunter may realize that "sighting-in three inches high" at 100 yards won't get the job done. And the use of "Hold-Over" is guessing and not an option. Being a responsible hunter, and knowing that his maximum effective range is 400 yards, he decides to let that trophy animal "Walk" out of his life; because it is the right thing to do.

Or, you can obtain the right information and learn how to properly prepare for your hunt. Doing whatever it takes to get your rifle, scope, and bullet working together as an extension of yourself. The best Shooting Range preparation and correct practice at extended distances will give you the mental edge you need to make consistent, repeatable shots. And you will know that you can take that shot, and make the shot of a lifetime.

We, at rifle-accuracy-reports are here to help. Please enjoy our site, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thanks

custom rifle
Everyone that hunts and shoots on a regular basis should own a custom rifle
Barrel Break-in
Proper rifle barrel break-in and cleaning procedures are crucial for top accuracy and performance of your rifle. Click here to find out how!
minute of angle
Minute of Angle is the term used as the standard for measuring the accuracy of a hunting rifle
trigger control
Perfect trigger control means learning to squeeze the trigger without disturbing the cross-hairs
rifle scope
The rifle scope is designed to magnify the user’s eyesight, allowing the long-range marksman see distant targets up close
The purpose of sighting-in from a bench rest is to provide a stable and consistent platform for shooting a precise string of shots.
The chronograph is an important accuracy tool for the serious long range shooter
shooting positions
There are four basic shooting positions that the rifle shooter must become proficient in to be a better marksmen
shot placement
The goal of shot placement is to provide a quick and humane method of dispatching a game animal
Hunter Safety
All hunters and members of the shooting community know and practice safety with firearms
survival skills
Being a good hunter and marksman means having the knowledge and survival skills of a good woodsman
survival kit list
survival kit: the "must have" items for your back-pack or car kit
A PLB (personal locator beacon) is a portable,lightweight emergency locator beacon
The Global Positioning System GPS is a small hand-held device linked to satellites
Binoculars (“Glass”) are needed for spotting game animals in areas of terrain that is hard to see into
Binocular Adjustment
You will be able to see more terrain and spot more game by learning proper binocular adjustment as they are mounted on the tripod
glassing techniques
binoculars are needed for glassing up big game animals
Glossary of hunting, shooting and reloading terms
shooting range
The shooting range is the place where people meet to safely set up and shoot their firearms
One of the most rewarding aspects of long range shooting is reloading
Learn Consistent Reloading Steps for precision ammo
Reloading Safety
Learn Reloading Safety to prevent costly accidents
Solunar is the term used for the belief that the movement of game animals can be predicted by knowing the different phases of the moon
Accurized Action
very APS rifle shipped out is built on an accurized action. The vast majority being the Remington 700 actions for several reasons
Muzzle Brakes
A Muzzle Brakes are designed to significantly reduce the rifle’s RECOIL
Find Outfitters
FInd Outfitters by Looking in the right Place
hunting ethics
Our tradition of hunting ethics is solid.
U.S. Fish, Game Departments
List of U.S. Fish, Game Departments
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