Shot Placement: Hit The Right Spot To Anchor That Animal

The goal of shot placement is to provide a quick and humane method of dispatching a game animal. Every long range hunter, hunting any game animal, has the responsibility to practice and better their skills, so that a quick kill, and fast recovery of the game animal can be made.
Accurate shot placement depends on knowing exactly what the firearm can do at any given distance. This will lead to knowing what the maximum distance a person can realistically shoot to, with their weapon. This is done by combining the skills of a marksman, and having properly selected the right equipment, (rifle, scope, bullet combo).

With good shot placement, the animal is hit hard, and a good wound channel created, leading to massive tissue/bone damage, and loss of blood.

The best scenario for good shot placement of the bullet is when the animal is positioned broadside or slightly quartering away and the bullet placed into the high shoulder area (#3) hitting the shoulder blade (scapula) and part of the spine (see skeletal picture). Or placing bullet right on the middle of shoulder (#2) attempting to break BOTH shoulders and lungs, or just behind the shoulder into the heart/lung area (#1).

This combination of destruction will always prove deadly on most all game animals in North America.


There are basically three sizes of game animals; small, medium, and large. Small being the deer and antelope sized game; these are thin skinned and lightly muscled. Medium being the elk, boar, and black bear sized game; these have heavier muscles and thicker skin. And the large, and/or dangerous game animals; the moose, bison, grizzly and brown bear type of animals. These animals have a combination of thick skin, heavy muscle, large bones, and dangerous temperament.

We need a bullet that will penetrate, expand, and transfer all of it’s energy into the vitals of the intended target, and still retain 60% to 90% of it’s weight. The bullet must also offer excellent first round accuracy at a distance. The first round fired is the most important. The well placed first round, can make the second round more effective when needed, as in the case of large and dangerous game.

The Accu-bonds and Partitions (Nosler), the ULD RBBTs by Wildcat Bullets, Berger, Barnes-X, Hornady, Core-Lokts (Remington), A-frames(Swift), Trophy Bonded Bear Claws(Speer), and MatchKings (Sierra) are the bullets of choice. These copper jacketed bullets have a lead core that is seperated by a "partition", "frame", or "bond" that allows controlled expansion of the top half of the bullet.

When dealing with caliber selection, Rifle Accuracy Reports recommends that one chooses the largest caliber, and bullet combination, that can be driven 3000+ fps, and still be shot accurately . This takes into account velocity, bullet weight, energy, and knock-down/ knock-out value. We also like calibers that have the potential to effectively dispatch the largest of game animals to the smallest.
The 7mm Magnums (2800+fps) to the large 30 caliber magnums, and the .338's, all with muzzle brakes and custom work done. Most people have more than one rifle, and most should be able to effectively master two or three. One rifle that deals with small and medium game, one that deals with medium and heavy game, and one that deals with heavy and dangerous game.

Most game animals in North America (and the World ) are tough critters, and they need to be knocked down hard. A bullet that can break both shoulders, or at the very least, be driven to the far shoulder is ideal. The old, time tested axiom remains true...
Carry Enough Gun!!



The Fear of You and the Dread of You Shall Be Upon EVERY Beast of the Earth, and Upon EVERY Bird of the Air, Upon EVERYTHING that Creeps on the Ground and ALL the Fish of the Sea; Into YOUR HAND THEY ARE GIVEN. Every Moving Thing that Lives SHALL BE FOOD FOR YOU; as "I"(THE LORD GOD) Gave You the Green Herbs,
"I" GIVE YOU EVERYTHING...Genesis 9:2,3

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